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Dr. Pimple Popper Shares Easy Beauty Hack to Help Prevent Maskne

Photo by Streetstyleograph/Getty Images

Here’s a simple way to help protect your skin from mask-related breakouts.

Now that face masks are a normal part of our lives, our skin is having to learn how to live with the coverings – and for many, that’s meant a rise in acne, or maskne as it’s been coined, in the areas which a face mask covers. However, skincare expert Dr. Pimple Popper (whose real name is Dr. Sandra Lee) has shared an easy hack for helping to prevent mask-related breakouts on her TikTok channel.

Dr. Lee suggests that those suffering from maskne spray the inside of their masks with a salicylic acid-based product. “Spray it on the inside of [your] mask [and] fan your mask to dry it a little,” she shared with the camera as she sprayed her own brand’s Salicylic Acid Body

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Blog Article Clothing & Fashion Fashion Magazine Make Up Women

Marc Jacobs Casts Lila Moss as a Face for its Newest Fragrance, Perfect

Photography by David Haeuser for Marc Jacobs Fragrances

And the new juice is about being truly and unapologetically you.

Marc Jacobs has many tattoos—some fun and whimsical and others that hold a deeper meaning. At least two are also inspo for his work: “Shameless,” tattooed on his chest, is the name of the Marc Jacobs Beauty foundation line (launched in 2018), and “Perfect,” which is inked on the inside of his wrist, is the jumping-off point for his latest fragrance.

But Jacobs’s new scent isn’t about striving for perfection. When he first got the tattoo, it was to serve as a bulwark against negative thoughts and insecurities like “I could be stronger in this way or better at that thing,” he explains in the press release for the fragrance. “I can just say ‘No, I’m exactly how I need to be

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Blog Article Clothing & Fashion Fashion Magazine Make Up Women

The Santa Fe Indian Market Goes Digital With Virtual Design Platform

Photography by Ratul Debnath.

Indigenous creative Sage Paul is one of several Canada-based creatives who are involved in the new showcase.

Nearly one hundred years ago, the first Santa Fe Indian Market took place in New Mexico. And this month, the Market–which is sponsored by the Southwestern Association for Indian Arts (SWAIA)–has taken an enhanced online approach to highlighting the work of Indigenous talent across North America.

“The virtual platform has been a new experience, and an interesting one,” says fashion show producer, Amber-Dawn Bear Robe. “I’m excited to see the final projects.” Bear Robe has been busy coordinating a selection of digital presentations for the Market’s month-long online presence that includes six days of designer spotlights–starting August 10th–featuring former Project Runway participant Patricia Michaels of the Taos Pueblo community, as well as Montreal-based Mohawk brand Skawennati, Coast Salish

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Blog Article Clothing & Fashion Fashion Magazine Make Up Women

Alicia Keys is Gearing Up to Launch Her Own Beauty Brand

Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Billboard

Here’s what we know so far.

Multi-Grammy Award winning artist Alicia Keys will launch her own beauty brand in 2021, according to a new report.

Per WWD, the artist has partnered with E.l.f. Beauty to launch the brand which is described as “a culmination of Keys’ personal skincare journey.” Speaking with the site, CEO Tarang Amin said, “[Alicia’s] been wanting to do something in beauty and wellness for quite some time.” Amin also praised Keys’ multi-faceted accomplishments saying, “What really appealed to us is she’s much more than a celebrity, she’s someone of real substance who goes between being a 15-time Grammy Award winner and artist [and] she’s got a New York Times bestseller. This was really a great marriage between what she stands for and wants to accomplish in beauty and wellness,

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