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Introducing Nettleton Shoes

In the late 1800’s Nettleton began producing high quality dress shoes out of their Syracuse, NY factory. Their motto was “Shoes of Worth” and they tailored their shoes to the discerning man who wanted to look and feel great in their dress shoes. Through creative advertising and an extremely well made product, their shoes were in demand from both the country’s elite while also being attractive to the successful working man.

Through the years the company changed ownership and is now currently owned and operated by the Tognoni family. The Tognoni’s have a rich history in both shoemaking and artistry, and have brought that family tradition to the Nettleton brand with a dedication to making a top tier footwear product that rivals that of John Lobb and others.

Currently Nettleton offers a collection of extremely high quality and attractive Goodyear welted dress shoes, both lace ups and loafers. The shoes … Read more

Belvedere Shoes – Catalog, Price & Reviews Of The Most Exotic Leather Shoes For Men

If you are looking for exotic men’s shoes, look no further than Belvedere. Since their launch in 1986, Belvedere shoes have established themselves as the leaders in the manufacture of men’s shoes made with exotic leathers. Their shoe collection today includes a mix of dress shoes (both lace up shoes and loafers), casual shoes (including sneakers), boots, slippers and sandals. These shoes are made with premium leather such as crocodile, alligator, ostrich, lizard and shark.


Did You Know Facts


  • The Belvedere company was launched in 1986


  • The company was founded by Italian designer Stefano Giovacchini


  • Stefano’s passion for footwear comes from his childhood when most of his time was spent near tanneries and shoe factories around Florence, Italy


  • Belvedere’s focus on exotic leather earned Stefano the nickname ‘The Gator Man’


  • Although they do not make sports shoes, the company has earned rave reviews and
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Tea Towels: the Un-Paper Towel Workhorse of the Kitchen


Don’t get it twisted, tea towels are the handiest kitchen must have around.

Tea towels are one of those ubiquitous must-haves in the kitchen that most of us probably don’t think about until we need one, but tea towels are the workhorses of the kitchen. Not only can they be used to dry dishes, but they also have a multitude of uses in the kitchen.

  • Cleaning up spills
  • Covering rising dough
  • Lining baskets filled with bread or fruit
  • Teapot cozy
  • Potholders
  • Absorbent surface for drying greens
  • Apron stand in
  • Keep mixing bowls steady and cutting boards from sliding

In addition, tea towels may not seem that sexy, but they are a critical part in controlling the havoc that paper towels and other throwaway paper products exact on our environment. Reusable towels are a cost-effective way to deal with spills and kitchen cleanup. It’s also possible to find towels made … Read more

Product Review: Leather Milk Leather Care Products

Leather Milk Leather Care Products and my Lucchese N1556


The Leather Milk website evokes the spirit of the old west. Homilies and witticisms abound.  The old adage “A little bit will do ya” could be the one that “saves your hide”.  Aaron, from Leather Milk, recommends testing Leather Milk products on an inconspicuous place.


When my samples arrived, I was immediately impressed.  The packaging and raised writing on the bottles are reminiscent of an old-time elixir.   The mild, curious odors requires the reminder to not use as a beverage.  The pour cap, which allows for proper dispensing, without pouring the product all over the place, is a nice, modern touch.


I wanted to see the difference between the two conditioners, the No. 6, Boot and Shoe Cream “Conditions and Rejuvenates Fine Leather Footwear” and the Healing Balm.  I grabbed a twenty-year old piece of dried-out, dull … Read more

Zelli Italia – Exotic Fashionable Footwear at Affordable Prices

Warm weather and sunshine means its time to retire the boots for the season and break out the Italian loafers.  For 2018, why not dress up your wardrobe with the new styles from Zelli Italia?  Zelli has been making elegant shoes in Italy since the 1990’s, with the Riviera being a fine example of their classic work.  Four new styles, including the Roma, Marco, Antonio, and Giovanni, in ostrich and Teju lizard are sure to turn some heads when they stroll the promenade.  Zelli is known for attractively priced, quality exotic footwear, and these new shoes are every bit of that.


Tom Manzell put the “Zell” in Zelli Shoes when searching for a means to expand the market for exotic leather.  To get the best quality leather for his shoes, Tom tried everything from raising ostriches in Texas, to supporting villages in Africa.  Not to … Read more